"....work-related stress, depression or anxiety’ ranked the legal profession fourth in the list of the most stressful jobs." Official figures, published by the Health and Safety Executive in 2017

A confidential psychological consultation service for all people in the legal profession.

Offering assessment therapy and support. 

We offer a comprehensive psychological assessment and support service to all people employed in the legal profession. We understand the pressures that come with your career and the seemingly unrelenting demands on your time and emotional resources. This may often manifest itself in fractured personal relationships and unhealthy lifestyles.

Often support may be lacking within your work-space and as a high-calibre individual there may be a certain feeling of "weakness" that may be associated with admitting things can sometimes just be too much?

We have many years experience dealing with people in similar situations and offer a confidential, non-judgemental space for you to regain control of your business and personal life.